Program highlights

  • There is no risk or investment for your organization.  We pay for all sales materials, prizes, and shipping.
  • You choose the date(s) to begin and end your fundraiser, along with your preferred line of products.  Our sales brochures are offered "A la Carte", so you can focus on what you want to sell, and omit what you don't. 
  • We will provide the proper quantity of collated sales packets, consisting of a custom Announcement Letter, Sales Brochure(s), and Tally Sheet.  When you get your packets, they are ready to hand out.
  • Sales generally run for 2-4 weeks.  Sellers collect money up front when taking the order.  All checks are made payable to your organization.  You get paid before we do!
  • At "wrap up", sellers' tally sheets and money are placed into the provided clasp envelope, and turned in to your team leader.
  • Once we have your order, we will send you an invoice for your total products sold.  Since monies are collected by your sellers in advance, your organization has all of its proceeds immediately at the end of the sale.
  • Delivery of product and prizes is typically 2-3 weeks after you send us your order.  If we are able to schedule your delivery in advance, we may be able to deliver your product as quickly as one week or less.  Please contact your SFS representative to discuss particulars.
  • All products are delivered (locally) to your location by our own drivers.  Pellman Desserts, Auntie Anne's, Pizza, and Cookie Dough products are shipped, stored, and delivered frozen.  If necessary, these products will endure being thawed and refrozen. 
we care

We are a local, family owned business serving PA, DE, and NJ. We take a great sense of pride in serving our community leaders. The majority of our products come from other family-owned businesses in PA.  We support local businesses!  You'll find that our products are superior in both quality and quantity (portion size), and offered at a very reasonable price.   Our customers enjoy profits that surpass those offered by our competitors.  We do not have a minimum order requirement and the profits are always the same, even if you are a small club, church, or youth athletic group. 

Awesome Prizes:
Ask us about our widely popular

"Spirit Wear"

prize program!


Master tally sheet
quick & easy totals for your order.  No longhand!  No calculators! 

SFS Offers a Unique Set of Services

To Make Things Easy

  • We provide fully collated sales packets, consisting of a custom "Announcement Letter", Sales Brochures, and Tally Sheet.  Each sales packet is secured in an envelope.  We will send the sales packets to you via Priority Mail, free of charge.  When you receive your packets, they are ready to hand out
  • Master Tally Spreadsheet that will calculate the totals per seller and per item.  No math involved!  Also a very handy summary printout for your accounting records!
  • Flexible scheduling of deliveries, including evenings and weekends.
  • Our own drivers show up on time.  We do not use "common carriers".  Our low-rise refrigerated trailers are quick & easy to unload, and maneuverable to your preferred offloading point.  Our driver does not require your help unloading.  "Semi" trucks are only used if the size of your order requires it.
  • Our driver will unload and "set up" the product at delivery, and take a count to ensure accuracy.  Don't worry, we will re-deliver if for any reason your order is inaccurate...even if it is your mistake!
  • Straightforward invoicing process where your organization gets paid first!
  • Local, Personal attention to detail.  Making it easy for you every step of the way!

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