Pellman Desserts

Huge portions of first-class, quality Cheesecakes, Layer Cakes, & Pies from Lancaster County, PA. The finest natural ingredients are used in every recipe. Experienced bakers make all desserts from scratch, and all desserts are hand-decorated.  Shelf-life is 1 year frozen.  Product may be thawed and refrozen. Pellman Desserts contain 0g Trans Fat & all flavors are certified Kosher.  May contain traces of nuts.

Quick and Tasty Favorites

Assorted Pizza, Snacks, & Treats!  

Sweets & Snacks

An assortment of “exotic game” smoked meat, high quality Ashton Chocolates, and snack/nut mixes.  No refrigeration required.

Featured Products

Candle Fundraiser

Top-Quality products in generous portions at reasonable prices!  

Our products surpass what folks have come to expect from "fundraiser food", which will keep them coming back for more year after year!


Candle Fundraiser
Candle Fundraiser

Keystone Candles

Large, top-quality jar candles from Harrisburg, PA. 14 delightful fragrances, and they all smell terrific! Non-toxic/Lead Free. Great Value! They’re nearly twice as big and rival the quality of “name brands” at about 70% of the cost!

Pre-portioned Cookie Dough

8 delicious flavors of precut Otis Spunkmeyer Gourmet Cookie Dough. Each 2.5lb box contains 36 cookies in a resealable pouch. Shelf-life is 1 year frozen.  Dough may be thawed/refrozen. Cookie dough contains 0g Trans Fat & all flavors are certified Kosher.  May contain traces of nuts.

Candle Fundraiser


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